hello there

i'm deanna. 

i'm a wedding photographer based near kansas city, ks but can and will travel anywhere and everywhere under the sun. my biggest passions include traveling as well as discovering wood fired pizza restaurants and buying all the candles i can get my hands on.

my favorite show is hands down The Office. if you can quote The Office, we will definitely be a perfect fit. my life consists of studying biologics which is what i got my college degree in. it is the three loves of my life. the first one being photography. the second one being science. and the third being the hunk of a boyfriend that i get to wake up to every day. 

i've shot weddings for two years now. the most profound thing i've ever been able to witness is the exchange of pure love when capturing a couple that is about big love. what is big love you ask? it's the love that lifts your heart and your spirit and reminds others of what is all pristine and pure about the world. yeah, i like capture those types of moments. no stiff armed poses. no gimmicks. just love and natural light and natural movement. 

let me capture the humanistic parts of your love and your life. you won't be disappointed.

much love,